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HOC Luxe 

Luxury balloon styling designed just for your party.
The HOC Luxe is your premier luxury balloon décor company that understands what it means to
decorate with class, elegance, and grace. We love being able to add that unique flair to your party, no
matter the occasion. Whether you want kids’ birthday balloons, wedding balloon décor services, or baby
shower balloon décor, our artisans are sure to redefine how you think of balloons.

We work with you to ensure that you get a truly customized luxury balloon design that glams up your

Our balloon décor services are designed to add that missing element of elegance and style to your party.
Create the luxury birthday party you’ve always wanted with an original work of art centerpiece that will
leave your friends jealous and talking!


At HOC Luxe Studio, we are passionate about every custom piece of balloon art that we create, which is
why we strive to bring a truly cutting-edge approach to the way we design your décor. Our unique
approach requires unwavering attention to detail to ensure every piece is created with precision and
You deserve to have the part of your dreams and feel like the Queen of the ball no matter the occasion.
HOC Luxe Studio is here to ensure your party has the glam and style you deserve. Think of us like your
own person balloon boss. If you can dream it, we can create it!
Call us to schedule your free luxury party consultation and find out how we can redefine your luxury
party today!

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