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At House of Color Event Productions, we strive to provide you with the perfect balloon styling for every
occasion. From casual and fun to luxurious and classy, we can create custom balloon styles designed to accentuate and accelerate the fun of every party you throw.
Every mom wants to find a way to throw the perfect party for her child while also keeping the adults
entertained. And let’s face it, we all love creating Insta-worthy moments. With HOC, you’ll be able to
create memorable decorations that inspire all the greatest parties of all time stories you could ever want!e relevant details you want to share with site visitors.



Our mission is to create truly unique, personalized, and gossip-worthy balloon décor for any occasion. All
of our balloon artists take the time to understand your unique style and personality and work tirelessly to
incorporate them into every design. No matter the party type, it’s just not complete without our
innovatively creative balloon décor services.
We believe that you and your guests deserve to have a balloon décor company that understands how to
deliver a truly unforgettable experience. Every piece we create is an original work of art designed
specifically for your event. It’s time you transformed the way you thought of balloons and experienced
the awe-inspiring artistry of HOC’s custom balloon styling services.
Call us today to find out how we can help your party be the event of the year today!

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